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I went with a group of artists to the United Nations Conference on Women in China.  We did a presentation on our art at the Non Governmental Organizations section.  On the road from Beijing to the conference site there were huge welcoming signs and support for the conference. 

Before the conference we traveled to several cities.  At one pagoda, I was surprised to see a small building directly in front of the temple selling Kodak film.  There was a huge box of film as the sign.

At Xian which is in the “Midwest” of China, there were corn and sunflower fields.  One amazing meal was at a dumpling restaurant.  The waiter brought a towering stack of 12 bamboo steamers that swayed precariously as he came towards the table.  Each steamer held one kind of dumpling.  The outside noodles were in the shape of whatever was inside.  Chicken inside the chicken shape.  Duck inside the duck shape.  Mushroom inside the mushroom shape.  
They were wonderful.


made 6/14/2006 transparent recalling September 1995

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