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Memory Cloth — Bali Offering

When a friend was going to Japan for 6 months, he invited me to come visit.
I’d always wanted to see the art and culture.  I saved up knowing how expensive it is. 

Then I found out they would be having their first child 2 weeks before I was to arrive.  Disappointed I knew I couldn’t impose on them.  So my husband asked me,
“Where in the world would you like to go?”

Hmm- Bali- where “they have no art-
they do everything artfully.” 

So I spent 3 weeks in Bali and discovered their daily practice of making offerings.  Each day they create a small (or larger) gratitude offering, made of leaves and flowers and bits of rice and incense.  It is given to the Gods with a prayer of thankfulness.


made February 2006 transparent recalling July 1993

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