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Memory Cloth — Mrs. Reuhl's Hats

Mom had a friend who used to be very wealthy. 
Mom would visit - bringing groceries as a present. 
Mrs. Reuhl would give her a hat as a thank you.

Mrs. Reuhl had incredible hats, one-of-kind art works by Bes-Ben of Chicago.  One had two white birds with real feathers on a black velvet ring.  There were rhinestones on the tip of each feather.  Another had red and yellow onions with green stems that crisscrossed over the head. 

An orange velvet cone with a turquoise poof ball of marabou feathers on top. 

A large straw garden party hat with giant fake red peonies all around the rim. 

Two pink flamingos with real feathers sat on each side of your head, the claws at your temples.  They kissed over the top of your head. 

A Queen Anne one, pointed over the forehead, was made of huge plastic jewels. 

Black woven bullhorns were covered in matador beading. 

A large flat pancake shaped hat covered with silk violets. 

Two black velvet stars holding a cluster of pearlescent roses.

A black velvet spiral covered with tiny winged bees.

They were amazing hats.


made 6/26/06 transparent recalling 1930 - now

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