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Memory Cloth — Riah

We were trying to pick the perfect name for our first daughter.  I went through several name books and picked dozens to vote on.  We came up with a list of the top 10.  Somehow it seemed too mechanical. I told Craig I wished we had a sign –
to tell us which was the right name. 

That very night Craig had a dream.

There was a destroyed city, dark and smoky.  A young woman came out of the broken buildings, drawing everyone together into a circle dance. 

A voice came over the image saying “The name you are looking for is Riah.” 

Since it was said out loud it took us a while to determine the spelling.  We picked Riah.

When she was in nursery school, there was another child named Riah.  When we asked about the name, we found out it means Beloved in Hebrew and was a common name in Israel.


made New Years's Day 2006transparent recalling May 1987

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