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Memory Cloth — Happy Birthday

Six months before I turned 50 I started hearing about women who got themselves a fabulous 50th birthday present- a trip to Paris a diamond bracelet. 

I knew I couldn’t do that, but I wanted to do something special to celebrate.  I couldn’t decide which ONE thing was special enough.

So I decided I could just say YES whenever I wanted something until I turned 50. Things I would usually not allow my self to have.  I got a second favorite pepper grinder so there would be one on the table and one by the stove.  I got a Zen clock that had the musical alarm for waking up in the morning.  I bought a lovely red linen dress for full price. Bath salts, studio time, raspberries, the good chocolate.

It was amazing.  I had no idea how much I had been denying myself simple, silly things.  When I said yes to myself, I was able to say yes to others. It was a wonderful shift. 

So when my birthday came I decided to give myself 6 more months of saying YES.  When that 6 months ended I knew this was a permanent change.  I couldn’t go back.


made 9/14/2006 transparent recalling 11/97, 4/15/98, 10/98

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