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Memory Cloth — British Museum

My first trip to London – it was the rainiest June for 250 years. 

I went to a gallery. Walking down the same street afterwards- my eyes were awakened to beauty. 

I saw pink flowers floating in the air. They were growing fuchsia in a flowerbox.  Underneath was a black grid to catch the dead flowers.  They were still brightly colored.  They looked like they were hovering in space.  A few doors farther down were two small gilt statues of a man and his dog.  It was a matched set on columns by the door - but the man had been broken at his knees in both of them - just to the top of the dogs head.  I had noticed none of this before.

Then I went to the British Museum and saw wondrous things.  They let you hold a small alabaster eye-liner jar from Egypt!

I saw 6 foot long protector beings from the South Pacific.  Blue polka dot leather dresses from Native Americans.  The Rosetta stone and the Parthenon figures.  Amazing!

made 7/11/2007 transparent recalling 7/7/2007

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