Leslee Nelson Speaks About her Art Installation 'Gathering Stillness'

Leslee Nelson, March 2003


Hello, Iím Leslee Nelson, and this is my art piece Gathering Stillness. I took the title from Dawna Markovaís grandmother. Dawna was one of my teachers, and she often talked about her grandmother describing the need for everyone to take some time to gather stillness-- to have that quiet ďalone time.Ē


And thatís what this piece is for. It gives you an opportunity to walk through it, be in the midst of something beautiful, and have your own moment of stillness.

One of the things I do with my art is to make the wondrous real. I want to share the kind of miraculous experiences that I have had with other people. And so thatís what I hopepeople experience as they go through the piece.

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