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Memory Cloth — Chemistry Set

I loved Mr. Wizard.  I was fascinated with questions of how life came to be and what atoms were made from.  I wanted to be a biochemist. 

Every year from age 10-14 I asked for a chemistry set for Christmas.  Every year my parents didn’t get me one- too dangerous.  I’d blow up the house. 

When my brother was 10 he casually mentioned it MIGHT be fun to have a chemistry set.  That Christmas he got a great big red three fold one.  When I snuck in his room to use it, I got yelled at.  When I left for college 4 years later 75% of the bottles hadn’t even been opened.

When I showed this embroidery to my returning adult graduate student she said, “Thank God you didn’t get it!”  I might have been a chemistry professor instead of her art professor.


made Labor Day 2006 transparent recalling Xmas 1958-62

My Brother/My parents



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