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Memory Cloth — Canal House

The Canal House was an old farm house my Grandfather bought for $200 and a cow during the Depression.  It had a barn and an out house called Little Egypt.  The barn burned down long ago, but as a child I remembered using the outhouse when I was playing out back.  The woods started there.  We built a tree house in one of the big trees.

We went there every summer.  Sometimes our friends came too. It was always a fun and casual place.  It had all our old furniture.

There was an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub with a tiny faucet nozzle.  The water came out really hard and fast, so it made a great bubble bath.
I loved baths in it.  I rescued the tub and still have it.

Mom gave it to my brother and me when we were in our 40’s.  I had plans to make a sculpture garden and grow vegetables.

A few years later my brother needed cash for his business – the only thing to do was to sell it.  The new owners tore it down and built a new house.


made 4/22/07

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